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Coronavirus: Why Africans will survive – Chinese Doctors



The Corona virus is a current disease which has gotten viral across the globe killing 1000’s of people. The virus according to reports started in China and has spread to majority part of the world.

The disease is rarely in Africa even though some African countries have confirmed records of it but comparing it to the outside countries, you can note that it is very rare in African countries.

A cameroonian student in China with the name Senou who got infected with the virus has been cured and released from the hospital.

Doctors at present and across the globe were surprise to see Senou getting cured because the disease were said to have no cure and has claimed about 1,112 lives since it broke out.

According to the Chinese doctor in charge of Senou’s case, he stayed alive because of his blood genetic composition which is mainly found in the genetic composition of Sub -Saharan Africans and also because he has black skin, the antibodies of a black are 3 times stronger, powerful and resistant compare to that of white. Said the doctor.

After this news broke out, an African motivational speaker, Zanomoya Mditshwa shared his opinion saying black man is indestructible.

He wrote, “Caucasians is always at war with our black skin because they know our melanin is our defense against all that they throw at us. This proves yet again that the black man is indestructible, our bodies are made of the same substances that make up this Earth because we are owners of this universe they will never wipe us off, history has already proved that.”

This is such a good news on behalf of Africans and if normal cure is still not yet found, the whites will start buying blood from Africans to inject and mix with theirs for Corona protection.