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INTERVIEW: We re-enact Anita Joseph’s sex scenes at home – Husband, MC Fish



Fisayo Michael, popularly known as MC Fish, is a professional hype man and master of ceremonies who shot into limelight after his relationship with popular actress, Anita Joseph, came to the fore. They recently tied the knots after a whirlwind romance that lasted three years.

In this interview with PREMIUM TIMES, MC Fish talks about his recent marriage to his bride who is known to court controversies and his job as a hype man.

PT: Congratulations on your marriage. How does this make you feel?

MC FISH: Well, thank you. I feel good and accomplished, it’s a new feeling to me which I’m going to enjoy the learning experience all the way.

PT: Was it easy getting her to marry you?

MC FISH: I wouldn’t say it was easy or hard. From the very first day we met, we connected in a very beautiful way and since that day we go along very nicely. Not long after that we started living together and it has been blissful, and so we decided to make it official.

PT: There’s a notion that celebrity marriages are a farce. Do you
think you can cope in a marriage with a fellow entertainer?

MC FISH: For me, it’s all about understanding and just effortlessly getting along with the other party. What Anita and I have is more than
marriage; it’s more spiritual.

For example, whenever we are faced with an issue we both sit down, talk and sort it out. So both of us are like Bonny and Clyde. We just get along easily so why shouldn’t I have a happy home with someone like that? As long as both parties have good communication, that’s all that matters.

PT: Do you ever feel uncomfortable watching her romantic or sex roles?

MC FISH: In the first two months into our relationship, I was, but I just told myself ‘hey that’s her job you can’t accept her without accepting her job. So, if you want her, you have to take everything that comes with her after I told myself that’. I called her and we watched her movie. Any time we both watch any sex scene she plays in a movie, I tell her ‘we need to do this right here, right now’ and we recreate it there and then. Since then, her sex roles don’t move me.

PT: How long have you been a Deejay? Do you plan to be a musician?

MC FISH: I was an underground hype man for like three years now, just like playing for fun but people know me more as an MC and hype man. So professionally, that’s my job description except for the special events the time when I DJ. I do not plan to go into music full time but I’m going to be dropping singles once in a while.

PT: When did you have your big break in your career?

MC FISH: There are lots of big breaks through but one to remember was when I went on tour to Dubai, UAE. I made my first big money in 2017 for my friend’s wedding after-party. I was paid N250,000 then. He was a friend that supported my career.


PT: Do you find that people look down on hype men?

MC FISH: As a professional hype man and MC, my aim is to push the art of hype beyond borders so my brand is seriously directed to achieving that.

I just feel because people are just getting used to the culture, enough monetary value hasn’t been attached to the profession yet. For instance, DJs charge way higher than hype men because the concept of the job has been well understood. People feel a Hype man is someone just shouting to music on the mic, DJs play the music, hype men/MCs
give direction to the music. One can’t work without the other.

So they are both vital parts of entertainment, name one big party/event/rave/gig/show that doesn’t have a hype man on it. But we are getting there and I intend to break that barrier.

PT: Tell us a bit about your job as an entertainer. What stands you
out from your peers?

MC FISH: Well as you know, I’m an MC and also a hype man, my job is fun if you know it properly and if you’re good at it. My job is my passion so every day for me in it is fun. What stands me out from the rest is my personality. Ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you
I’m nice and jovial. I carry the right amount of energy around me every day, so the energy you expect from a hype man is built in me. Also, my style is impeccable – that’s a plus too. And I’m also inclined to music.

See some fun photographs from their wedding below.