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PMB, redeem your promise on security



As long as you are a living creature in this contraption called Nigeria, whether you believe it or otherwise, the bitter truth is fear, and some unfortunate incidences must define most of your life. Painfully, sad experiences, uncertainty about safety of your life will dominate the way you think, the way you behave, and the way you react. Based on the ongoing killings, banditry, kidnapping, we don’t know what tomorrow will unfold concerning safety of our lives and properties.

Mr. President, with horrible reports of killings from Kaduna, in which 16 members of a single family were burnt to death; and also Katsina state, where bandits attacked Tsauwa, Dankar villages of Batsari in your home state, killing 30 persons in one fell swoop, and to cut it short, resurgence of Boko Haram attacks in Maiduguri, with people taking refuge in streets for fear of being attacked, we’re constrained to tell you loud and clear that the security you claimed to have restored is being threatened by recent increase in crimes.

Sickening revelations like this must trigger one to lose hope and confidence in your administration. Therefore, we feel it duty bound to tell you that the insurgents have dismantled efforts you made earlier to secure your citizens. The question one must ask himself is, with your promise to liberate the country from the shackles of Boko Haram, who will bring the solution to this country’s insecurity? Failure to stop this carnage on innocent people prompted many to question your government’s commitment to providing security.

Though to be objective, I must admit, it’s gladdening to hear that bandits were resisted by the security agents in Dankar village; but unfortunately, based on some reports, they unleashed huge atrocities in Tsauwa village. This calls for the need to dispatch additional security agents to the affected places. Also, since the bandits weren’t living in heaven, it calls for the need to dismantle their hideouts wherever they are. My dear able President, pardon me if I act bluntly, but I have to say it; this is the right time to tell Governor Aminu Bello Masari, never again to trust, or more so grant pardon to those bandits. We have been constrained to say, with recent attack on Katsina state, the bandits betrayed the pact the governor of Katsina state made with them.

Dear President, worse still is: the insurgents still come in large numbers to attack, maim, harass and torture the innocent people of Maiduguri. Recent attack on Chibok reinforced the need to further strategise and rejig the country’s security apparatus. Also, these two recent attacks cast doubts about your concern to end Boko Haram. My dear President, if I’m right, let me acknowledge the fact that you are doing your best, but yet, we are worried, and still uncertain of what tomorrow holds for us. Please, help us to salvage this nation from horrendous attacks of Boko Haram.

Our dear President, let us confess to you that, we feel the pains of the affected people, coupled with a deep concern for the predicament of the victims and affected areas. These revelations leave many with a deep sense of insecurity. We can’t feel secure, while we know, we’re few miles away from imminent danger. Regrettably, in view of these unfortunate incidences of banditry, abductions, Boko Haram attacks, we wonder, despite your steely commitments to safety of lives, why did your government fail to sustain gains in security? Remember, you have come on an all-out mission to rescue an insecure and destabilised nation. Therefore, only tireless efforts can make you fulfil your pledge.

Abbas Datti (